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Message from the Deputy Minister of Education

I’m writing to inform you that the Alberta Supports Contact Centre has been expanded to include a centralized abuse helpline. Albertans can now call 1-855-4HELPAB to report abuse or neglect and receive support, information and referrals.

The purpose of the abuse helpline is to guide Albertans when they are unsure where to turn for assistance. Trained staff will assess the situation and connect the caller to the right resources, programs, services or referrals to get help. All calls will be tracked to ensure Albertans receive the supports they need, and emergencies will continue to be directed to 911.

The Government of Alberta is committed to ensuring Albertans have access to the supports they need to live in safety and free from abuse. I encourage you to share information about the provincial abuse helpline with your staff and stakeholders. The attached information sheet provides further information about the helpline. You may also wish to consider posting the information sheet to your school board’s website as a resource for students, parents and/or teachers.

Thank you for your commitment to ensure welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environments.



Curtis Clarke, PhD

Deputy Minister of Education


Abuse Helpline Info Sheet


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