Final Exam Schedule for Semester 1, January 2022

As it has been a while since we have had a regular exam schedule, please read the important information below concerning how exams are run in January at St. Dominic Catholic High School. 

For Grade 9 students:

Students continue with regular classes, with some exam preparation built into their schedule.  Final exams for grade 9 students will only include two Provincial Achievement Tests (PAT); Social 9, and Science 9, and will happen according to the set schedule. 

For High School students: 

The last day of regular classes for high school students only is Wednesday Jan 19, 2022. From Jan 20 - Jan 28, students are welcome in the building for independent study, but are only required to be present if they have a final exam. 

Exam Weighting: 

In order to be consistent with the current provincial standard set for Diploma Examinations by Alberta Education, all finals will be given a course weighting of 10%. Although this is lower than previous years, this change is regarded as a balance between requiring students to be tested on the content of the entire course, and considering the anxiety and mental health of our students. 

Exam Schedule Sem 1 Jan 2022 - DOWNLOAD