Student Services


Assistance provided for Personal Counselling:

  • Mediation
  • Student/Teacher relationships
  • Peer relationships and developmental guidance
  • Mentorship program for new students
  • Family School Wellness
  • Child Protective Services
  • David Thompson Health Region

Assistance provided for Career Advisor:

  • Registrations
  • Program Planning (on and off campus)
  • Post Secondary applications and advising
  • Course advising - three-year plans for High School students
  • Scholarship/Financial assistance for post-secondary education
  • Computer Assisted Career Exploration
  • Portfolio and Resume

Extracurricular Activities

As a student, you are invited to participate in the school's diverse offering of extracurricular activities. Participation yields the opportunity for new friendships.

Badminton Golf
Boys' Basketball Girls' Basketball
Boys' Volleyball Girls' Volleyball
Track and Field Travel Club
Curling Drama Club
Joint Football & Rugby Cross Country Running (Boys & Girls)
Students' Council Yearbook
Peer Ministry Youth Band
Graduation (Several Different Committees)

Other Activities Based on Student Interest


At the start of this school year and until further notice, lockers will not be available for student use.

As of October 6th 2020, our grade 9 students along with high school students enrolled in Physical Education in semester 1 were given access to lockers. Unfortunately we are not able to offer all students with lockers at this time because we can not provide proper social distancing measures if all students receive a locker. If Alberta Health Services changes the restrictions on social distancing, we will revisit our locker re-entry protocol and adapt.

Students are provided with the use of a locker. Students are expected to keep their lockers in a tidy manner. The school issues combination locks for every locker. If students lose the lock, they will be required to cover the cost of replacement purchase. No one is to change locks or lockers without the consent of the office.

Student lockers belong to the school, not to the student. The locker is subject to search at any time without notification by any personnel associated with the school or in person representing other authorities, including the police.

Computer Use

To assist students, many computers, peripherals and other technology items are available for student use.

Each student will be required to sign a computer use form that ensures that they will use the computer network appropriately and abide by both school district and school policies on the appropriate use of technology. Students can have all computer privileges revoked for misuse of the technology.

Students are allowed 100 pages printed each semester. Additional printing may be available and must be approved by the network administrator. Please provide USB stick.

Student Council

Check out our Student Council Facebook page here.