Attendance Line

Please call 403-845-5313 to leave any messages regarding your child.

Student Illness/Injury

No student will be sent home due to illness or injury unless a staff member has contacted a parent or guardian. If the staff member judges that the student needs immediate medical attention, the staff member will:

  • Contact the parent/guardian for transportation.
  • Arrange for transportation if time is of the essence and/or the parent/guardian cannot be contacted.
  • Stay with the student until a parent/guardian relieves him/her or the doctor feels that there is no need for the staff member to remain.
  • No staff member is permitted to administer medicine to a student unless an appropriate form, available through the school office, is completed by the parent/guardian and doctor and is on file at the school office.

Parents/Guardians are asked to notify the school regarding their child's medical conditions and/or allergies.

If a student has a known allergy, his/her parents/guardians will be notified if there is a cause for concern with any substance being used in the classroom. Precaution will be taken regarding those students with specific food allergies; i.e. - classroom celebrations where food is served.